Affiliate Group

What is an affiliate?
Our efforts  and resources revolve around one main goal,
that is to promote faith in Jesus Christ.  Therefore we seek to accommodate groups that share this goal and the following beliefs:

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  1. CORE BELIEFS - Mountain Road Ministry promotes:      1) It is only by Jesus and what He accomplished on the cross that anyone can be right with God (John 14:6). This gift of salvation must be recieved by faith, it is not earned by good works but rather good works are a result.  2) God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three distinct persons coexisting from everlasting to everlasting, these three are one God.  3) God created humankind male and female and He blessed the marriage of these saying the two shall become one.  Thus God defines marriage. 
  2. ENGAGE IN BASIC VALUES - We practice these things that make strong relationships with God, with spouse, with family and others.  1)Prayer   2)Bible Study   3)Worship   4)Fellowship
  3. CONTRIBUTORS  - Our affiliate groups  are committed to help preserve and promote this retreat facility.  They endeavour to use this place GLADLY, RESPONSIBLY, and PURPOSEFULLY.

If you share the above and would like your small group 
retreat at Mountain Road, please connect with us

to explore becoming an affiliate group .

Steps To Affiliation


Visit The Retreat

We need to meet your leadership.  Have your group leader(s) book a BnB here at the retreat.  You'll enjoy it and exprience Mountain Road first hand.  It will also give us an oportunity to meet and see if it's a good fit for your group. 


Submit Application

After we've met and agreed that we share ministry goals, your group submits a retreat application.  This application will help you outline your retreat plan.  It will also detail the services you'll require and the costs.


Hold First Retreat

When your application and payment is approved, you can hold your first retreat at Mountain Road.   After we can discuss the experience in consideration of future events.  If all goes well you will be considered an affiliate.

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