A Real Homestead

Bare bones, sweat and creativity.

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Not easy but extremely fulfilling!  Today there's a lot of talk about Homesteading and off grid living.  Myriads of "how to do it" videos on the tube.  For us we did not set out to homestead but the land required it.  So we became pilgrims and pioneers.  As we worked to live better the land made us sweat and gave us both rich and harsh experiences.  By God's grace we're enriched.  When I watch those homesteader videos I see familiarity, 'been there done that'.    If I was given a chance, I'd do it again and again. 

Off Grid but Not Old World

We have found independant ways
to sustain a semi-modern rural lifestyle.


Too much money?  Too many options!  Without a lot of money things become very simple.  Some choices are eliminated thus removing confusion.  One of those choices was electricity.  We wanted it, at least some, but it was too expensive to get connected to the grid.  Therefore our path led us to micro hydro.  We now have over 23 years of experience with generators, pelton wheels, solar panels, power management and all that goes with it.  Most of it DIY and many lessons from our trials.  My advise to those going down this road?  Find a property that either has full sun year round or rights to a healthy stream on or very near it.