Pastoral ReSet

For Pastors who are called by CHRIST
and commited to feed His flock with TRUTH

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Jesus would find a deserted place to go and communicate with the father.  Your ministry will benefit by doing the same.  We can help.

  It is important to get away from the things that weigh on your mind.  This is not just a leisure vacation, it is a spiritual discipline that benefits not only you, but everyone you minister to.   Taking a personal retreat is just as important as preaching, infact it give power to preaching!    Your congregation will appreciate the fact that you take such time.  In the book of Acts the apostles saw the importance of giving themselves to prayer and the ministry of the word.  There is too little praying in ministry today.  If there was more praying there would be more power.  Plan to take time for this and we will help you as much as we can.  

We offer special rates to pastors of Gospel believing churches who truly seek the fulness of God.  Are you a Bible believing pastor with a strong desire to feed Christ's followers?   Do you need to get away and wait on the Lord?  Then fill out the form below and we will let you know price and availability.


Use this effective routine


Fresh Air and Exercise

(Start of Day) - Go for a walk, a bike or a hike. Find some space to work out and/or stretch, or just chop some firewood.  Sit relaxed by the river or gazing upon a mountain.


Have Brunch

Bring your own or enjoy some from our home style kitchen.


Personal Growth & Learning

Cozy up with a book or a video series we provide on a tablet (bring your head phones).   Spend 2 to 3 hours, have a journal to make notes. 



Play a game of horseshoes, ladderball, or frisbee golf. If you like crafts bring one of your own, or work on one we provide. Alternatively, You can also sit out in the sun, dip in the river, pan for gold, collect rocks, participate in sawing a log on our sawmill, find out how we produce power off grid, much to keep you amused.



 Provide your own meal or let us tantalize your taste buds with fresh healthy meal choices.                         



Spend the evening by a fireside, have a hot chocolate, visit with other guests or cozy up in your cabin.  Rest in the care of your loving heavenly Father.                                  

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